James Broadnax, better known as JB, has been on Texas Death Row for the past ten years for a crime he was convicted of due to racist tactics from the State. We are coming together to ask for your help to get James a retrial so he can receive the justice he deserves. It’s important to understand some things from James‘ case so you know why we need your help. Firstly, he was convicted and sentenced to death without ANY physical evidence produced in the trial. James tested negative TWICE on DNA analysis and gunpowder residue. The only “evidence” was a video interview the media filmed of James in the first hours after his arrest. At that time he was on suicide watch because it was observed that he was experiencing hallucinations. The purpose of suicide watch cells is to hold a person there, watching them, to make sure they are safe yet James was removed from the suicide watch cell and filmed in a state of vulnerability and a lack of sound mind. This was the only evidence used to convict James of the crime. You might be wondering how they managed to put someone on death row with no factual evidence? Well, the answer is; racism.

Since James‘ trial, information has come to light that displays the state’s prosecution used racial juror selection to ensure James was given the worst punishment possible, death. Documents have now been found that show that the prosecution removed all people of colour from the jury, leaving only white people to make the decision of a black mans life. We know these tactics were used maliciously because jurors of colour were striked for the same reasons that white jurors were selected. James was not given a fair trial, the state’s prosecution did everything they could to prevent him from being allowed the same treatment as a white man.

Recently, we presented a petition to the Supreme Court, hoping they would accept James’ case and give him a retrial due to the overwhelming evidence of racism. We wanted the interview to be removed from evidence as it should not have been allowed to be recorded due to James’ state of mind, we also wanted an equal jury pool. But, the Supreme Court denied hearing James’ case. Now we have to fight to get this case in the public eye so James has a chance of living.

Please sign this petition to help get James the trial he deserves and to take a step in the right direction of equality within the justice system. A human being’s life is on the line. If you can please donate to the cause to help James with his legal battle. If you cannot donate, please sign and share wherever you can. All help is appreciated. Please explore James‘ website to seek more information about the case, find out how you can get in direct contact with James and see how you can help us to raise money and awareness of this injustice.

Thank you.