Too many people don’t care.“
-John Whitmire [State Senator, Houston]

Sentiments shared, and sometimes defined, by a lot of us here on Texas death row. Even more so by the prison population at large. It tends to be an echo within the chambers of our mind when you awake to what seems like a recurring dream of helplessness. A resounding cycle of neglect from the acoustics of steel and concrete trapping you in a vacuum of blind justice. Being attuned to the dark symbolism of that idea…there’s something terribly scary about that. Something scary about being stripped of your humanity, yelling at your distorted reflection in the mirror as a method of self identity, to walking within the loop of the most petty and egregious wrongs a broken system has to offer. It is a constant in this reality. It is strange. It is weird. Within the shattered remains of some here…it is what they know as love. It looms over everything, unpredictable and terrifying. Because there is nothing more defeating than when you feel silenced.

Welcome to JB’s website. On the following pages you will find information about death row, the death penalty, JB and his individual perspective on and about life in general. He’s an original spirit and someone who is concerned with expansion. A growing artist who dreams of remaining a creative process of art in motion. Confined, but not bound, he believes in the very idea of freedom, and growth and development as a principle but still tends to be an oil-and-water combination of love, ambition, fear, courage, insecurity, certainty and drive. Change, and what the very potential of it looks like.

Everything is inevitable…even good things. If you breathe light, you’ll attract light. Because we are what we consume. Mind, body, and spirit. It is my desire for your visit here to be a reflection of that. Peace to you…